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Debts restoration collection office was set up for more than 9 years. Its head office is in Alkhobar.

The general manager is Mr. Talal Fawzy Bin Makhashin.

It was set up (collecting debts on behalf of others).

No. of employees: 54

No. Of branches 10 branches in the kingdom- Alkhobar (the head office) AlAhesaa-Hafr el Batin-Hael-AlQasim-Tabuk- Gizan-Abha-Nigran.

Collection department.

We have qualified cadr, trained for collection & following up works.

Marketing department:

It’s just like an agency for selling and purchasing.


 National Commercial Bank (3) contracts (cash collection – marketing , drawing cars)

Al Rajhi (two contracts ) – cash –collection – drawing cars (vehicles)

Work plan:

Setting up two complementary teams A field team – telephone collection team.

The task of the filed team :

It will be confined to knowing the customers place, drawing the car after its notifying their number will not be less than (6-12) persons for each region.

The task of the telephoning team:

-will be for following up those stumbled to settle, urging them to refund their indebtedness, their number is not less than 5 persons (individuals) in each region.

- this process will be on stages ,it will be discussed in detail.

1- after receiving references from the contracting party , it will be sorted out distributed on sectorial& geographical basis according to his

housing /location region.

2-studying each file separately, pinpointing their location upon the diagram(house- work place) coordination with information dept. to define customers’ statements to know their location .

-information center :- it’s an integrated team , its task is only investigation and surveying.

3-marketing generalizations (circulations) on all cars, drawing them by the police as our philosophy relies on collection on the necessity of drawing a car in the first place, then, asking for setting arrears , as the process proved its highly success and a major level of collection.

4- cars are collected in our war houses or in the company ‘s war houses as the contract stipulates.

5-cars are checked,stocktaken upon their receipt to the ware house , written , presented to the company on daily basis.

6-Work and coordination mechanism with the company in case of payment of the client after clouds.

7-after drawing the car , customers are contacted , notified of withdrawing dragging their cars , coordinating with them about setting arrears

( in case of non arrival to the car , contact is made with the customer to urge him to settle).

8-in  case the car the car is sold to the customers on installment basis , it will not be drawn; we will only lay pressure on the customer to

urge him to settle.

9- all cars are lodged in our warehouses(stockrooms) upon an agreement. These are not allowed to be taken unless a written consent is taken from you. It’s necessary from us to provide a stock room under a care taker to hand in and over the customers’ effects in addition to providing a guardian for the stock room round the clock.

Reselling department

After receiving your instructions, to sell the cars we will do two step:-

First step :contracting with more than one car shows of those big car shows or yours after coordinating with you to exhibit those luxurious car of high value after giving them the proper price from the most famous car shows to guarantee the highest price.

The second step:- as for the cars of low price, they will be collected and put into public auction after pricing them by the most famous car shows –there are usually two methods in selling such cars.

The first step : organizing an open auction.

The second step: closed auction (envelop)our role will be organizing the task purely upon the contract.

Collection after sale :

Upon extra kilometers + remaining amounts upon the customer after sale to collect debt in full and closing up the file.


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