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Offering ‘’ services of collecting debts according to the most modern world standards_ restoring the lost, renewed, stumbled debts of the customers, realizing the high standard of success by using friendly solutions and direct negotiations with debtors with a view to collect with the minimum limit of problems and not resorting to legal procedures, unless it’s urgent. Maintaining the good fame of the company in the domain of collecting debts by full commitment of higher norms of precision and honesty, in addition full carefulness to keep the customers’ fame by obliging to the confidentiality of accounts, information and any other details of the customer.

Arriving to the toprank in this domain by applying the most modern international standards in this domain, building the trust of the customers by achieving the highest and quickest results with lesser cost.

Specializing in collecting the debts of banking sector and finance companies along with maintaining the intrinsic values and principles upon which the company are basely.

That is represented to achieve the highest standard of service and keeping the interest of the company .

The organizational structus :

The Administration. Structure of the office is complying with the ideal standards of Saudi market as it includes:

-  A communication center specialized in collecting the debts of the individuals.

- Specialized debt. To pursue and follow up the escaped debtors inside &outside the kingdom.

- specialized team to visits and field collecting.

- A legal team specialized in opening declarations/notice, following up carrying out the legal judgments.

-Specialized debt. In renewed, stumbled and lost debts.

-Department of consultants specialized in chronic law suits.

- Specialized debts. To collect car loans debts.

- Legal affair debts. To pursue judiciary procedures inside and outside the country.

- This structure is formed in such a way that can comply with  the speedy expansion activities.

The general manager:

- Planning, organizing coordinating and controlling about all matters pertaining to the institution, revising reports, analyzing and orientation.

Collection manager:

- The technical and administrative supervision on the employees.

- Planning, organizing, and controlling domestic management.

Financial and administration department:

Composes: ( the administration director-accounting – cashier )

- The administration director

- Personnel department

- Orientation& controlling.

- Coordination &supervising employees in their attendance and leaving.

- Legal affairs& public relation in charge.

- Undertaking /preparing all legal procedures notices, research, issuing letters to official parties, solving problems that result from with drawing vehicles,receiving customers complaints, dealing with it replying thereon (pensioned officer )

Operations official

- In charge of the files keys, complementing their information , geographically distributing & periodical>

Field team (with drawing team)

- A team of great experience in the field of drawing (hauling), dealing with others composed of two groups, each one composes of cashiers, field supervisor in big cities half of the above cited number in towns .


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