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Restoration office is not only an agency for collecting debts , we are full and integrated office offering services of finance solutions . Our services is directed to help you before a problem will occur to reduce the expenses of the depreciated debts and getting rid of the delayed revenues that are very costly and the outcome will be of high profits .

The office has composed of a team of employees of good experience who are very specialized in this domain and are able to understand  time, value , money and customer’s relations.

- We know that you don’t have the time or resources to pursuit the doubted collected accounts.

- We know the fact that as long as the revenue AIC is late in your records, will cost you a lot .

-We know that your relationship with the customer is of great importance and we need to build a base customers that achieves durability of works.

- This knowledge gives us the ability to raise burden of managing debt upon collection and at the same time gives you comfort that we deal with our customers. We take honour and  committed to provide unique industrial and professional experiences that is rarely found in collection services .

Collection services 

Our experience in this domain  proved the fact that when accounts delayed are dealt earlier,this will be more viable to get settlement; thus we designed collection services on this fact when you transfer your accounts to us early ,this will enable us collecting them easily and as soon as possible and of lesser cost .

The fist stage:  notice letters:

It’s the most effective one of less cost to get settlement. We gained more success in this stage as these notices were prepared professionally. They are notices on your behalf to ask for immediate settlement from your customers. We make all correspondences, mailing services, notifying you about the position, the choice will be the payment is made to you directly.

The second stage:   telephoning cails:

If the account is not settled in the first stage, it will be forwarded to the second one which is called the investigation and checking stage that in clued intensive contacts to negotiate with your customers about the choices of settlement.

We have methods of pursuing evasion and have the ability to log in to an intensive information to help us to pursue any changes in places and get the addresses of the required contacts to reach the required person as our employees enjoy fluency in dealings with customers and our objective is getting our customers be acquainted with settlement methods and informing them about their previous, outstanding and due obligations.

A quick conversation is needed to clarify the question, correcting the mistaken comprehension  and thus the settlement is made.

Third stage :  referring the Mattel to the lawyers

In case that all those previous stages are failed, we have lawyers in our office who are exclusively working with us upon your directives on your part.

We can start such legal procedures for collecting  your accounts.

Mortgaging possessions, seizure on salary, judiciary awards (judgments)are also some of such choices.

We ensure providing qualified lawyers and guarantee following up all the legal procedures at the very beginning and  save your time and money.

This third stage is very effective, of high value and has a great effect on you.


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