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Why Estrdad


Our sustained services and customers’ services are provided through telephone to be acquainted with the position and be sure that your accounts are honestly dealt with by the office of the restoration office for collecting debts.

Our success in due to the viable policies which are the best ones.

We achieve high success and full standards to collect debts which the major legal offices and othe collector were unable to do.

 We realize time factor of debt depreciating value. Thus we endeavor to restore the debt upon the most intelligent solution with the shortest period of time.

The permanent development of work machinery through inviting experts and international consultants of good specialization  to develop work procedures and enhance the skills of our employees.

Collecting all types of debts pertaining to the companies, individuals, government sectors by using all possible negotiating pursuit methods and legal measures to reach viable and effective settlements as soon as possible and with the least cost.


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